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Even without merging with EY-Parthenon in 2020, EY Port Jackson Partners has been one of Australia’s most well-known strategy consulting firms. Headquartered in Sydney, it also continues to be a significant player in Australia’s strategy consulting market (with approx. 15% market share). Despite taking on the global EY name, EY Port Jackson Partners still feels very much like the Australian boutique that was founded over 30 years ago by two former McKinsey seniors, and is highly regarded for its expertise in strategy projects. 

Whilst it now forms part of the global network of firms that is EY-Parthenon, EY PJP still has a small firm culture, with high levels of senior involvement in projects. This means that not only will you gain exposure to complex and interesting work but there is also huge potential to pick up learnings whilst working closely with your seniors. We have heard that this is not something that is exaggerated as senior involvement is one of EY PJP’s biggest selling points to clients. 

EY PJP, like BCG, also love hiring from obscure or non-traditional academic backgrounds. As such, it would not be uncommon to be working alongside someone from a medical or STEM background. If you’re (book) smart, EY PJP will generally be interested in hearing what you have to say. And if you make it in, then chances are you will want to stay. With uniquely high retention rates, this is a sure reflection of EY PJP’s great culture and people.

As one of the most reputable strategy boutiques in Australia, the work here is high quality (and comparable to MBB). You sure won’t be doing much implementation/operations work here! The strategy work is also primarily for big name clients such as ASX50 as well as government. You may also spend some time doing due diligence work and finding yourself on some interesting deals. This capability has recently been bolstered by EY PJP poaching a big chunk of Strategy&’s deals team too.

Like other consulting firms in the market, your hours are pretty standard here, with 55-65 hours a week being quite normal, unless you are on a deal (in which case, it can get pretty bananas). You will definitely be compensated materially above your EY peers in other divisions, and almost on par with MBB. Not a bad deal hey? 

EY PJP has a bit of everything and whilst it doesn’t carry the same prestige as MBB overseas, it now has a global brand in EY to its name. The culture is a standout and we have heard this has swayed aspiring consultants to pick EY PJP over MBB at times. If your plan is to build out your career in Australia, then there’s not much that could go wrong with honing your trade at Australia’s most well known strategy boutique.

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