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Key dates for IB

Key dates for law

Key dates for consulting

*Approximation of dates reflect differences between states/territories.


We have a 5 day turnaround time for all services
Please contact us here before you order if you require a quicker turnaround time

CV Review


  • Line by line review
  • Detailed feedback and tips to improve
  • 5 day turnaround

Cover Letter Check

  • Individualised, line-by-line feedback of your cover letter
  • Tailored based on your target firm
  • 5 day turnaround

CV + Cover Letter Bundle

  • Includes both CV Review and Cover Letter Check services
  • Value for $
  • 5 day turnaround

We were once in your shoes. Now that we are on the “inside”, we know all the tips, tricks and tweaks that will give you the solid foundation required to land that grad role.

It’s no longer enough to just have good grades, extracurriculars or work experience. Knowing how to navigate the application process is as important as ever to get that edge over your competition.

We highly recommend using these services to enhance your chance of getting your foot in the door. 

Don’t just rely on friends who typically won’t undertake a line-by-line, word-by-word detailed review of your docs or a career advisor who simply has zero industry experience. Templates also won’t appreciate the nuanced insights that our industrial professionals will be able to provide.


IB Internship Starter Pack


What's Included?

Investment Banking Down Under eBook
the ultimate A-Z blueprint for a  graduate role in high finance

Access to 24/7 Discord Chat
ask your burning questions and seek advice in real time

CV and Cover Letter Templates
gain access to resources that'll level up your application

eBook includes advice on:

- Detailed guidance on how to structure your degree

- Which extra-curriculars to be involved in

- How to land pre-penultimate internships 

- Bulletproofing your CV and cover letter (templates included)

- Answering technical, motivational, market interview questions

and so much more...

This is the only resource we could find anywhere curated by Aussie finance professionals, designed to help you navigate the university and recruiting worlds down under. No other resource will take you from absolute scratch to landing that coveted IB graduate role.

You’ll also get access to our private Discord, where you can freely ask us any questions you might have on an ad-hoc basis. Treat us as your own chatroom advisor.

Knowledge = power, and investing a small sum in this now may well help you land a career that will bring you so much more in the years to come.

We also have plenty of other free resources on our website, including:

…and more

Check out our Instagram @tac.gradhub for more!

Our DMs are open for any questions.


The Aussie Corporate’s Grad Hub is our premium one-stop-shop for resources and guides to help aspiring Aussie Corporates through undergraduate recruiting. Our Grad Hub offers industry insights, A-Z blueprints for landing roles, and access to tailored 1-on-1 feedback for your application materials. Simply put, this is our community-backed hub that gives you access to resources curated by Australian professionals, designed to help you navigate the university and recruiting world down under.

No other website is tailored to the Australian market and no other suite of resources will take you from zero to potentially landing a graduate role in Australia. Our guide(s) leverage off the experience of professionals in the industry and explain how to give yourself the competitive edge that every university student is looking for. 

Preparation is paramount when you have to juggle university, your extracurriculars, part-time jobs and grad/penultimate year applications. This period is truly one of the most stressful and draining periods so frontloading any prep goes a long way. We would recommend keeping an eye out on the key dates included on this page and giving yourself a few months to familiarise yourself with the application process and firms you want to apply to before applications open. This will also give us time to help you on your journey of becoming an Aussie Corporate.


Another thing is that some firms (especially banking) hire on a rolling basis which means you will have more of a chance if you apply sooner rather than later.

The time will differ depending but usually tail off the more applications you do. This is why we generally suggesting starting this whole process 1-2 months in advance. The bulk of time spent on the initial phase of the application process will be on refining your CV and cover letter (which we provide premium services for). Naturally, firms which you place a higher priority on will also take longer as you will want to spend more time on making sure your application is as strong as possible (and doesn't have any typoes!).

This one is simple. Aim for as many as you can. It is ultimately a numbers game and this is why we recommend giving yourself ample time to prepare your applications. Check out this page for the list of firms that are offering internships and start writing! Prioritise larger firms first and work your way down the pecking order. This is because larger firms offer more spots and therefore again, it is a numbers game.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee you a role. However, we can provide you all the necessary tools and info (including personalised feedback and a mountain of support) to give you the very best chance of landing the role. We’ve formulated resources that can take you from scratch to boasting an extremely competitive application, getting you one step closer to that graduate position. We’re here to equip you for your AusCorp journey by giving you the leg up we wish we had.