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Graduate Salary Guide*

April 2022 (some updated as at 2 Sep 2022)

*Based on anecdotal community feedback.
Salaries have not been verified.

What's this about?
If you haven't heard, grad salaries have been very competitive of late (and at times even higher than some junior salaries above them). By popular demand, we scoured the ends of the earth (but really, just across our IG community) to shed some light on 2022 graduate remuneration across Auscorp.

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NB: Duplicate roles (where salaries are identical) removed with the exception of the Big 4 accounting firms. Discrepancies between graduate salaries at a firm have been marked with a "~" symbol and an average of the amounts has been included. All amounts are denominated in AUD
  • Surveyed graduate salaries ranged from mid $50,000s to $250,000 (depending on the role).
  • Sign-on bonuses are not uncommon in this hot market even for graduates so it may be worth asking for one.
  • In law and finance, graduate salaries were typically uniform within the cohort. 
  • In Big 4, there can be discrepancies depending on team, previous work experience, number of degrees etc.
  • Geographical differences between cities were common with Sydney being the obvious city dishing out the leading salaries.
^Reference to "highest" only relates to companies submitted in unverified survey