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Graduate Salary Guide*

May 2023

*Based on anecdotal community feedback.
Salaries have not been verified.

What's this about?
Whilst most peoples' pay may not necessarily be keeping up with inflation these days, grad salaries are still as competitive as ever. We received over 600 submissions from our community covering 180+ companies and firms in corporate Australia across the biggest and most competitive industries (including finance, consulting and law) in the graduate market. Our takeaway is that the war for talent as as fierce as ever.

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NB: Duplicate roles (where salaries are identical) removed with the exception of the Big 4 accounting firms. Discrepancies between graduate salaries at a firm have been marked with a "~" symbol and an average of the amounts has been included. All amounts are denominated in AUD
  • Surveyed graduate salaries ranged from $30,000 to $180,000.
  • Sign-on bonuses were a bit more uncommon than last year.
  • In law and finance, graduate salaries were typically uniform within the cohort. 
  • In Big 4, there can be discrepancies depending on team, previous work experience, number of degrees etc.
  • Geographical differences between cities were common with Sydney being the obvious city dishing out the leading salaries.
^Reference to "highest" only relates to companies submitted in unverified survey
CompanyCityStart DateClassificationTeamSalarySuper included?Other paymentsExpect bonus?Comments
Macquarie CapitalSydneyStart of 2023FinanceInvestment Banking 180000Yes-Yes ~5-10k for graduate in first 3 months, ~10-20k a year after$2k relocation allowance
VivCourtSydneyStart of 2023FinanceTrading180000Yes-Yes-
CitiSydneyStart of 2023FinanceInvestment Banking170000Yes- Yes-
Bank of AmericaMelbourneStart of 2023FinanceInvestment Banking165000No10,000 USD sign on bonusYes-
Credit SuisseSydneyStart of 2023FinanceSales & Trading 150000Yes- Yes-
J.P. Morgan SydneyStart of 2023FinanceInvestment Banking Division150000No- Yes-
UBSSydneyStart of 2023Finance-150000No---
Goldman SachsSydneyStart of 2023LawCompliance 140000No-Yes-
Flagstaff PartnersMelbourneStart of 2023FinanceM&A135000Yes-Yes -
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023FinanceMIRA130000Yes---
Goldman SachsSydneyStart of 2023FinanceInvestment Banking 125000Yes-Yes-
IMCSydneyStart of 2023Finance-125000Yes25k Sign OnMinimum 50k Performance Bonus Guaranteed -
TibraOtherStart of 2023Finance-120000Yes30k signing bonus--
MoelisSydneyStart of 2023FinanceInvestment Banking115000Yes-60-70% bonus$350 WFH allowance
GoogleSydneyStart of 2023TechSoftware Engineering, Chrome OS113000YesRelocation bonusesBetween 13-22k dependent on performanceRelocation bonuses
Goldman SachsSydneyStart of 2023Finance-110000Yes-Yes-
Kroll Advisory SydneyStart of 2023FinanceRestructuring110000YesYes
AshurstSydneyStart of 2023Law- 108000Yes- - -
Oliver WymanSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 108000Yes$20k sign on bonusYes, between $5-15kShare purchase plan
Allen & OverySydneyStart of 2023Law- 102000Yes- -
AshurstMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 102000Yes- - WFH allowance of $500, free gym membership
Gilbert + TobinMelbourneStart of 2023Law-102000Yes-NoFirm pays for PLT and practising certificate
Gilbert + TobinSydneyStart of 2023Law-102000Yes-No-
Clayton UtzSydneyStart of 2023Law- 101000Yes- Max 2k per rotation, based on performance (4.5h billable minimum) [Same for all Clayton Utz]-
King & Wood Mallesons SydneyStart of 2023Law-100900Yes-No $300 WFH allowance, Free gym membership
Arnold Bloch LeiblerMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 100200Yes- - -
ANZSydneyStart of 2023FinanceCredit100000Yes- - -
Corrs Chambers WestgarthSydneyStart of 2023Law- 100000Yes- - -
EY Port Jackson PartnersSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingStrategy and Transactions 100000YesSign on bonus $20,000+ (including super) [Similar for all EY PJP]Yes, up to 10% -
Herbert Smith FreehillsSydneyStart of 2023Law-100000Yes-No-
KearneySydneyStart of 2023Consulting-100000No$15,000 sign on bonus - must be paid back if you leave within the first year (12 months) or 50% back if you leave before 24 months Discretionary performance bonusSubsidised healthcare
L.E.K. ConsultingMelbourneStart of 2023Consulting-100000No15k sign on bonus [Same for all LEK]Profit share around 10-15%1.1k health and wellness allowance, $50/month wifi allowance
L.E.K. ConsultingSydneyStart of 2023Consulting-100000Yes---
Norton Rose FulbrightSydneyStart of 2023Law-100000Yes-NoHR expect this figure to go up by min 5k (making 2024 start salary min 105k). Expectations are it will land somewhere between 105-8
PwCSydneyStart of 2023ActuarialActuarial Consulting100000Yes---
White & CaseMelbourneStart of 2023Law-100000Yes-NoWFH allowance ($420) Wellness allowance ($600)
AllensSydneyStart of 2023Law- 99500Yes- - -
Herbert Smith FreehillsMelbourneStart of 2023Law-98000Yes-NoWFH allowance - $400, PLT covered
Herbert Smith FreehillsMelbourneStart of 2023Law-98000Yes-No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsMelbourneStart of 2023Law-98000Yes-No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsMelbourneStart of 2023Law-98000Yes-No-
AshurstBrisbaneStart of 2023Law- 97000Yes- No-
AshurstCanberraStart of 2023Law- 97000Yes- - -
Clayton UtzPerthStart of 2023Law- 96000Yes- - -
MinterEllisonSydneyStart of 2023Law-96000Yes---
King & Wood Mallesons MelbourneStart of 2023Law-95800Yes-No-
TransgridSydneyStart of 2023Energy-95150Yes---
Corrs Chambers WestgarthMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 95000Yes- Potentially, if target hours reached Firm covers PLT
Edrolo SydneyStart of 2023Tech- 95000No- Yes -
Lander & RogersSydneyStart of 2023Law-95000Yes-No $250 WFH allowance
MaddocksSydneyStart of 2023Law-95000Yes---
McKinsey & CompanySydneyStart of 2023Consulting-95000No20k sign on bonusYes, up to $12,000Gym, health, insurance covered, 15% super
Partners in PerformancePerthStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting95000Yes$15,000 sign on bonus $13,000 performance bonus, $2,000 firm building bonus-
PwCSydneyStart of 2023ActuarialActuarial Consulting95000Yes-Around 1-4% if any bonus$295 Wellness benefit, $205 balance lifestyle benefit, WFH allowance, phone plan
SEEKMelbourneStart of 2023OtherStrategy & Operations95000No-Profit share + performance bonus -
StocklandSydneyStart of 2023Property Development 95000Yes-STI (5% Bonus) and LTI ($1000 in shares annually).-
AllensMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 94000Yes- - 20 days of study leave for PLT
Strategy&SydneyStart of 2023Consulting-94000Yes10k sign on bonus Depends on utilisation-
Clayton UtzCanberraStart of 2023Law- 93000Yes- - -
DLA PiperPerthStart of 2023Law- 93000Yes- No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-93000Yes-No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-93000Yes-No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-93000Yes-No-
MicrosoftSydneyStart of 2023Tech-93000No-YesCar allowance, fitness & health allowance, childcare allowance
MinterEllisonMelbourneStart of 2023Law-93000Yes-Typically no$300 WFH allowance, phone bill payment, free gym, discounts on certain products
King & Wood Mallesons PerthStart of 2023Law-92700Yes-No -
AWSSydneyStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)BD92200No~30k bonus; Amazon shares vested over 4 years - -
MinterEllisonPerthStart of 2023Law-92000Yes---
Strategy&MelbourneStart of 2023Consulting-92000YesSign on bonus Depends on utilisation$500 lifestyle and wellness benefit (PwC wide)
Clayton UtzBrisbaneStart of 2023Law- 91000Yes- - -
King & Wood Mallesons BrisbaneStart of 2023Law-91000Yes-No -
Allen & OveryPerthStart of 2023Law- 90000Yes- Maybe-
AllensBrisbaneStart of 2023Law- 90000Yes- - -
BainMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 90000NoSign on bonus 20k $10-15kWFH allowance - $780
BainSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting90000NoSign on bonus 15k 10-15%-
BCGMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 90000NoSign on bonus Yes $5,000 wellness/WFH allowance
DLA PiperMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 90000Yes- No-
Gilbert + TobinPerthStart of 2023Law-90000Yes-No-
John HollandSydneyStart of 2023EngineeringEngineering90000Yes---
Johnson Winter SlatterySydneyStart of 2023Law-90000Yes--Salary to increase to $90,000 on 1 Jan 2024 upon admission
Lander & RogersMelbourneStart of 2023Law-90000Yes-No$250 WFH allowance
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023TechTechnology 90000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)COG90000Yes---
MaddocksMelbourneStart of 2023Law-90000Yes---
Pinsent MasonsSydneyStart of 2023Law-90000Yes---
RBASydneyStart of 2023Finance-90000Yes---
Thomson GeerMelbourneStart of 2023Law-90000Yes---
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023FinanceInstitutional Banking & Markets89000Yes- - -
MaddocksCanberraStart of 2023Law-88000Yes---
MinterEllisonBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-88000Yes---
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023LawLegal88000Yes---
DentonsMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 87000Yes- No-
Clyde & CoSydneyStart of 2023Law- 85000Yes- - -
Hall & WilcoxSydneyStart of 2023Law-85000Yes-No -
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023FinanceBanking and Financial Services85000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingTransformation85000Yes---
McCullough RobertsonBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-85000Yes-Yes-
Vesparum MelbourneStart of 2023Finance-85000Yes---
DentonsMelbourneStart of 2023Law- 84000Yes- NoFirm covers PLT
K&L GatesMelbourneStart of 2023Law-84000Yes---
Thomson GeerBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-84000Yes---
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023EngineeringTechnology; Engineering 83000Yes- - -
DLA PiperBrisbaneStart of 2023Law- 83000Yes- No-
Hall & WilcoxMelbourneStart of 2023Law-83000YesNo -
HWL EbsworthBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-83000Yes---
HWL EbsworthMelbourneStart of 2023Law-83000Yes---
HWL EbsworthSydneyStart of 2023Law-83000Yes---
Russell KennedyMelbourneStart of 2023Law-83000Yes---
XeroCanberraStart of 2023SoftwareEngineering 82400No-5% employee share plan-
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023TechData Science82280Yes- - -
J.P. Morgan BrisbaneStart of 2023LawLegal82000Yes- Yes-
Johnson Winter SlatteryBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-82000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023ConstructionDeals82000Yes---
BlackRockSydneyStart of 2023FinanceFunds Management80000No- Yes-
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023FinanceGlobal Markets80000No- - -
Forethought MelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting Market Research 80000Yes---
Holding RedlichBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-80000Yes---
Holding RedlichSydneyStart of 2023Law-80000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023LawLaw80000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023FinanceBanking and Financial Services, Wealth Management80000Yes-Yes, profit share typically given to gradsWFH allowance
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023RiskOperational Risk80000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)Corporate Operations80000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2023RiskRisk Management80000Yes---
McCabesSydneyStart of 2023Law-80000Yes---
Mills OakleyMelbourneStart of 2023Law-80000Yes--PLT paid for
Mills OakleySydneyStart of 2023Law-80000Yes---
Tyro PaymentsSydneyStart of 2023Tech-80000No-Bonus dependent on how well the company is going. Up to 8%-
WestpacPerthStart of 2023FinanceBusiness80000Yes-NoFree monitor, mouse, footrest & keyboard
Wotton + KearneyPerthStart of 2023Law-80000Yes--PLT paid in full, $200 home office payment
Wotton + KearneyPerthStart of 2023Law-80000Yes-Not for grads-
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023TechRetail Banking Services Data Analytics Stream78000No- - -
Dimensional Fund AdvisorsSydneyStart of 2023Finance- 78000No- - -
LeidosMelbourneStart of 2023Tech-78000Yes---
Lendlease SydneyStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)-78000Yes---
Transport for NSWSydneyStart of 2023Government-78000No---
AureconMelbourneStart of 2023EngineeringEngineering Consulting77000Yes- Yes-
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023TechRetail Banking Services Digital Stream77000Yes- - -
GadensBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-77000YesNo No -
PwCSydneyStart of 2023TaxWorkforce Tax77000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023TaxCorporate Tax77000Yes---
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023TaxTax77000Yes---
Holding RedlichMelbourneStart of 2023Law-76000Yes---
NABSydneyStart of 2023FinanceCorporate & Institutional Banking 76000Yes-No-
NABMelbourneStart of 2023TechCloud76000Yes-No-
AureconSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingInfrastructure Advisory75000Yes- Yes -
Bartier Perry SydneyStart of 2023LawProperty and Planning 75000Yes- Yes - 5,000 for non admitted and 7,500 if admitted -
ColesMelbourneStart of 2023RetailTechnology 75000Yes- No-
Cooper Grace Ward LawyersBrisbaneStart of 2023Law- 75000Yes- - -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax and Legal75000Yes- No -
Hicksons LawyersSydneyStart of 2023Law-75000Yes-No-
Jacobs PerthStart of 2023Engineering-75000No- - -
Mastercard Data and ServicesSydneyStart of 2023Consulting-75000No-Yes around 10%-
Perpetual SydneyStart of 2023Finance-75000No--WFH, two weeks well-being allowance at start of employment, flexible working locations, well-being allowance, 30k in vested shares that we get the dividend from, and then receive after three years
TALSydneyStart of 2023ActuarialGroup Pricing75000No-~10% dependent on performance-
AECOMBrisbaneStart of 2023EngineeringCivil Engineer74000Yes- -May be awarded with VISA cards for performance
Aurora Energy Research SydneyStart of 2023EnergyAdvisory/Research74000No- Up to 10% base salary500GBP clothing allowance, 5weeks paid annual leave
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023ActuarialActuarial74000Yes- No -
GHDMelbourneStart of 2023Engineering-74000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023CybersecurityCybersecurity and Digital Trust74000Yes---
RPVMelbourneStart of 2023GovernmentMarketing74000No---
ColesMelbourneStart of 2023RetailFinance73500Yes- NoWill increase to $86,000 upon completion of first year. Guaranteed job at the end of the program.
MarsMelbourneStart of 2023FMCG-73500Yes2k sign on bonus10% bonus if business and personal development goals are achieved -
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023RetailRetail Banking Services Commercial Stream73000No- - -
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023TaxCorporate Tax73000Yes---
PwCBrisbaneStart of 2023ConsultingM&A73000Yes---
StocklandSydneyStart of 2023Property -73000YesNone--
WestpacSydneyStart of 2023FinanceTransformation73000No---
ESG Super FundSydneyStart of 2023Consulting- 72500No- No-
KPMGCanberraStart of 2023ConsultingEnterprise Transformation 72500Yes---
AureconMelbourneStart of 2023EngineeringCivil Engineering 72000Yes- Yes WFH allowance
EYCanberraStart of 2023ConsultingTechnology Consulting 72000No- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingTechnology Transformation72000Yes- No -
EYMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingTechnology Consulting 72000Yes- No -
EYMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingData & Analytics 72000Yes- No -
KPMGAdelaideStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting72000Yes---
McGrathNicolSydneyStart of 2023Audit-72000Yes-Possible nominal bonus, usually less than 5% of salary inc. super-
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023TaxCorporate Tax72000Yes---
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingDeals 72000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023RiskRisk72000Yes---
PwCPerthStart of 2023TaxCorporate Tax72000Yes---
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023TaxCorporate Tax72000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingM&A72000Yes---
Department of AgricultureCanberraStart of 2023Government- 71444No- No-
AccentureMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 71000Yes- - If a grad has work experience then salary offer can increase up to 81,000
KPMGBrisbaneStart of 2023ConsultingEngineering, Assets, and Project Delivery71000Yes---
McInnes WilsonBrisbaneStart of 2023Law-71000Yes---
ANZMelbourneStart of 2023TechTech70500No- - -
PwCMelbourneStart of 2023RiskRisk70500Yes---
ArcadisSydneyStart of 2023Consulting- 70000Yes- - -
AureconSydneyStart of 2023EngineeringTransport Consulting70000Yes- Yes -
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaMelbourneStart of 2023FinanceBusiness Banking 70000No- Yes 10% max [Same for all CBA]-
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023FinanceBusiness Banking70000No- - -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023RiskRisk Advisory 70000Yes- No -
DexusSydneyStart of 2023Property Finance 70000Yes- - -
FTI ConsultingSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingRestructuring 70000Yes-Yes-
J.P. Morgan SydneyStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)Operations70000No$5000 sign onYes$1500 allowance
KPMGPerthStart of 2023ConsultingM&A70000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting70000Yes---
Linfox LogisticsSydneyStart of 2023Other-70000Yes-Yes determined by manager at EOFY-
NestleSydneyStart of 2023FMCGMarketing70000No-Yes up to $3000-
Nous GroupBrisbaneStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting70000No---
PwCCanberraStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting70000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingDeals 70000Yes---
Repurpose ItMelbourneStart of 2023OtherEnvironmental70000No---
Samsung ElectronicsSydneyStart of 2023FMCGConsumer Electronics Product Team70000No---
PwCBrisbaneStart of 2023TaxCorporate Tax69900Yes---
AccentureSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 69000Yes- - -
DeloittePerthStart of 2023ConsultingData Analytics69000Yes- No -
DeloitteHobartStart of 2023ConsultingEconomics69000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingMonitor Deloitte - Strategy Consulting69000Yes- No -
EYMelbourneStart of 2023AuditAssurance 69000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingStrategy & Transactions69000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingStrategy & Transactions69000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingStrategy & Transactions69000Yes- No -
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2023Tax Tax69000Yes---
PwCSydneyStart of 2023AuditAssurance 69000Yes---
AccenturePerthStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 68000Yes- - -
ArcadisSydneyStart of 2023Engineering- 68000Yes- - $50 p/m phone expenses, WFH allowance
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingDigital Experience and Technology68000Yes- No -
HLB Mann JuddSydneyStart of 2023Tax-68000Yes---
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingEnterprise Advisory68000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingRestructuring and Turnaround68000Yes---
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingDeals Advisory68000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax68000Yes---
NSW Department of Communities and JusticeSydneyStart of 2023GovernmentLegal68000No---
Department of Employment & Workplace Relations CanberraStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)- 67828NoAll government pay is public information. Gov grads typically start at the 3.1 scale and are promoted to 4.1 or 5.1 depending on agency- -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingRegulatory & Compliance 67000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting67000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2023RiskRisk Advisory67000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting67000Yes- No -
DeloitteBrisbaneStart of 2023ConsultingMergers & Acquisitions 67000Yes- No -
DeloittePerthStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting67000Yes- No -
DeloitteBrisbaneStart of 2023SoftwareConsulting67000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingMergers & Acquisitions 67000Yes- No -
DeloitteBrisbaneStart of 2023RiskRisk Advisory 67000Yes- No -
DeloitteBrisbaneStart of 2023ConsultingForensic Analytics67000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingFinancial Advisory 67000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax - ITTS67000Yes- No -
EYMelbourneStart of 2023AuditAssurance67000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023RiskEnterprise Risk67000Yes- No -
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2023TaxTax67000Yes---
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2023TaxTax 67000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax 67000No---
EYSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax (Reward)66500Yes- No -
L’OréalMelbourneStart of 2023FMCGMarketing66500No-Bonus up to 3 weeks salary in Feb if the business hits KPIs for preceding year$600 product allowance
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax and Legal66000Yes- No -
EYMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingBusiness Consulting66000Yes-No WFH allowance ($299) [Same for all EY]
EYSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting 66000No- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023TaxTax66000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2023AuditAssurance (Climate Change and Sustainability Services) 66000Yes- No -
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingDeals66000Yes---
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingRestructuring Services 66000YesSign on bonus ($900 - $2000), Study bonus (e.g masters) [Same for all KPMG]Performance dependant but unlikelyWFH allowance [Same for all KPMG]
RSM AustraliaPerthStart of 2023Finance-66000Yes---
Nous GroupSydneyStart of 2023ConsultingGeneralist Consulting65500No---
BDOSydneyStart of 2023Audit- 65000Yes2k sign on bonus- -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingHR Technology65000Yes- No -
Nous GroupMelbourneStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)Business Development 65000No-Opted to sacrifice 10% of annual salary to be eligible for company-wide bonus based on company’s growth over the financial year.WFH allowance of ~$500
Pitcher PartnersMelbourneStart of 2023Audit-65000Yes-Yes, mainly resulting from CA resultsSalary review every 8 months while in the two year graduate program
Pitcher PartnersSydneyStart of 2023Audit-65000Yes---
RennieBrisbaneStart of 2023ConsultingCapital Advisory65000Yes-Yes, min 10%-
EYBrisbaneStart of 2023AuditAssurance64900Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023AuditPrivate Audit 64000Yes- No -
KPMGBrisbaneStart of 2023TaxTax 64000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023AuditEnterprise Audit and Assurance64000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023AuditEnterprise Audit and Assurance64000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023AuditAudit64000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2023AuditAudit64000Yes---
Supreme Court of NSWSydneyStart of 2023LawTipstaff64000Yes---
PwCAdelaideStart of 2023AuditAssurance63500Yes---
AccentureAllStart of 2023ConsultingConsulting (excluding Strategy)63000YesSign-on bonus - $2,500No-
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2023RiskRisk Advisory 63000Yes- No -
DeloitteBrisbaneStart of 2023AuditAudit63000Yes- No -
Grant ThorntonSydneyStart of 2023AuditAudit and Assurance 63000No-No -
ProtivitiMelbourneStart of 2023Consulting-63000No$3k sign on5%-
RSM AustraliaPerthStart of 2023Finance-62500Yes---
ASICSydneyStart of 2023Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)- 62000Yes- No-
Department of Transportation MelbourneStart of 2023Law- 62000No- - -
EYAdelaideStart of 2023ConsultingStrategy & Transactions62000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2023ConsultingTreasury and Capital Markets61000YesUp to $4,500 signing bonus (e.g. $3000 for previous experience, $1,000 for extra study and $500 wardrobe bonus) [same for all Deloitte] No -
Victorian Government Solicitor's OfficeMelbourneStart of 2023Law-61000No-No-
DeloitteAdelaideStart of 2023ConsultingMergers & Acquisitions 60000Yes- No -
DeloitteAdelaideStart of 2023RiskRisk Advisory 60000Yes- No -
Urban List Gold CoastStart of 2023Other-60000YesTransport stipend --
RSM AustraliaSydneyStart of 2023Other-58371NoStart-up bonus of $500--
Findex SydneyStart of 2023FinanceWealth Management56000No- - -
Mirvac PerthStart of 2023ConstructionDevelopment Management55000Yes---
Mirvac SydneyStart of 2023ConstructionDevelopment Management50000Yes---
Credit SuisseSydneyStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking 180000Yes- Yes-
Macquarie CapitalMelbourneStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking 180000Yes---
Macquarie CapitalSydneyStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking 180000Yes---
CitiSydneyStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking170000Yes- Yes-
Bank of AmericaSydneyStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking165000No10,000 USD sign on bonusYes-
CitiSydneyStart of 2024FinanceSales & Trading150000Yes- Yes-
J.P. Morgan SydneyStart of 2024FinanceSales & Trading 150000No- Around 15% to 30%-
J.P. Morgan SydneyStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking Division150000No- Yes-
Akuna CapitalSydneyStart of 2024FinanceTrading140000No15k sign on bonus Min 40k bonus -
Goldman SachsMelbourneStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking 125000No-Yes -
JardenSydneyStart of 2024FinanceInvestment Banking Division125000No-Yes - Guaranteed bonus of 40k-
AtlassianMelbourneStart of 2024EngineeringTechnology110000No$10,000 sign on, US$50,000 stock vested over X yearsYes -
Altman SolonSydneyStart of 2024Consulting- 105000No$20,000 signing bonus 15% super 15% performance bonus $5,000 health insurance, $500 fitness allowance
BCGMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingGeneralist 105000Yes20k sign on10-15k performance bonus-
EY Port Jackson PartnersSydneyStart of 2024ConsultingStrategy and Transactions 105000Yes- Yes, up to 10% -
Norton Rose FulbrightSydneyStart of 2024Law-105000Yes-No-
WestpacSydneyStart of 2024FinanceFinancial Markets and Treasury 105000No-Yes-
Baker McKenzieSydneyStart of 2024Law- 100000Yes- - -
Herbert Smith FreehillsSydneyStart of 2024Law-100000Yes-No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsSydneyStart of 2024Law-100000Yes-No-
Herbert Smith FreehillsSydneyStart of 2024Law-100000Yes-No-
KearneyMelbourneStart of 2024Consulting-100000NoSign on bonus--
L.E.K. ConsultingMelbourneStart of 2024Consulting-100000Yes---
L.E.K. ConsultingSydneyStart of 2024Consulting-100000Yes---
L.E.K. ConsultingBrisbaneStart of 2024Consulting-100000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2024FinanceCommodities and Global Markets 100000Yes--
MinterEllisonSydneyStart of 2024Law-100000Yes---
Oliver WymanPerthStart of 2024ConsultingConsulting98000No---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2024RiskRisk 95000Yes---
McKinsey & CompanySydneyStart of 2024Consulting-95000No---
SEEKMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingStrategy & Operations95000No---
Taylor FrySydneyStart of 2024ActuarialActuarial93000Yes-Profit share bonus (expected $2000)-
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2024FinanceBFS90000Yes---
EYSydneyStart of 2024LawLegal87000Yes- No -
Macquarie BankMelbourneStart of 2024Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)-85000Yes---
HWL EbsworthSydneyStart of 2024Law-83000Yes---
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaSydneyStart of 2024FinanceInstitutional Banking & Markets82000Yes- - -
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2024Back office (Admin, Accounting, Finance, IT etc)Compliance 80000Yes---
Macquarie BankSydneyStart of 2024RiskRisk 80000Yes---
Mills OakleyCanberraStart of 2024Law-80000Yes---
NABSydneyStart of 2024FinanceCorporate & Institutional Banking 79000Yes-No-
EYSydneyStart of 2024EngineeringEngineering78000Yes- No -
ColesMelbourneStart of 2024RetailTechnology75000Yes- No-
EYMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingTechnology Consulting73500Yes- No -
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingConsulting73000Yes---
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingDigital Strategy and Design 72000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2024ConsultingConsulting 72000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingDeloitte Digital Consulting72000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2024CybersecurityCybersecurity71000Yes- No -
DeloittePerthStart of 2024ConsultingInfrastructure and Capital Projects70000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2024TaxTax and Legal70000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2024RiskRisk Advisory 70000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2024RiskRisk Advisory70000Yes- No -
DeloitteMelbourneStart of 2024RiskRisk Advisory 70000Yes- No -
EYSydneyStart of 2024ConsultingPeople Advisory Services70000Yes- No -
EYMelbourneStart of 2024RiskEnterprise Risk70000Yes- No -
KPMGMelbourneStart of 2024TaxTax70000Yes---
RYSydneyStart of 2024ConsultingValuations, Modelling and Economics 70000Yes---
PwCBrisbaneStart of 2024ConsultingConsulting 69900Yes---
PwCBrisbaneStart of 2024ConsultingDeals 69900Yes---
DeloittePerthStart of 2024ConsultingFinancial Advisory69000Yes- No -
KPMGSydneyStart of 2024TaxTax69000Yes---
KPMGSydneyStart of 2024ConsultingCFO Advisory 69000Yes---
PwCMelbourneStart of 2024TaxPrivate Clients69000Yes---
DeloitteSydneyStart of 2024AuditAudit 68800Yes- No -
KPMGPerthStart of 2024TaxTax67500Yes---
Grant Thornton SydneyStart of 2024RiskRisk Consulting67000YesNone No -
KPMGBrisbaneStart of 2024ConsultingOperations67000Yes---
EYMelbourneStart of 2024TaxPrivate Tax 66500Yes- No -
KPMGOtherStart of 2024AuditAudit66000Yes---
Qantas SydneyStart of 2024Finance-66000No--Discounted travel
EYPerthStart of 2024AuditAssurance65500Yes- No -
Grant ThorntonMelbourneStart of 2024AuditAudit and Assurance 65000Yes-No -
Grant ThorntonMelbourneStart of 2024ConsultingFinancial Advisory65000Yes-No -
Grant ThorntonMelbourneStart of 2024TaxTax 65000Yes-No -
KPMGAdelaideStart of 2024ConsultingConsulting65000Yes---
Pitcher PartnersMelbourneStart of 2024Audit-65000Yes---
EYAdelaideStart of 2024TaxInternational Tax and Transfer Pricing63000Yes- No -
BDOMelbourneStart of 2024Tax- 62000Yes2k sign on bonus- -
Nine AdvisorySydneyStart of 2024AuditAccounting50000Yes---
EquisMelbourneMid 2023Finance- 120000Yes- 75%-
Wave InternationalPerthMid 2023EngineeringEngineering111800No---
Oliver WymanSydneyMid 2023ConsultingConsulting108000Yes---
Bird & BirdSydneyMid 2023LawCommercial 105000Yes- Yes -
McKinsey & CompanySydneyMid 2023Consulting-95000No---
BCGMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingGeneralist 92500NoSign on bonus Yes-
Simon-KucherSydneyMid 2023Consulting-92000No-5%WFH allowance of $1k. Travel expenses reimbursed for overseas training and events.
EYMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingTechnology Consulting 78000Yes- No -
Cooper Grace Ward LawyersBrisbaneMid 2023Law- 77000Yes- - -
EYBrisbaneMid 2023EngineeringStrategy & Transactions76000Yes- No -
Nous GroupMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingConsulting76000Yes---
EYMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingTechnology Consulting 72000Yes- No -
EYSydneyMid 2023CybersecurityCybersecurity 72000Yes- No -
PwCPerthMid 2023ConsultingDeals 69500Yes---
PwCSydneyMid 2023AuditFinancial Services Audit69000Yes---
DeloitteMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingConsulting 68000No- No -
DeloitteBrisbaneMid 2023ConsultingMonitor Deloitte - Strategy Consulting68000Yes- No -
DeloitteSydneyMid 2023ConsultingMergers & Acquisitions 67000Yes- No -
KPMGMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingFinancial Advisory66000Yes---
Grant ThorntonMelbourneMid 2023ConsultingManagement Consulting65000Yes-No -
KPMGPerthMid 2023TaxTax64000Yes---