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The only firm in the Australian market in bed with a magic circle firm, the mighty  and prestigious juggernaut,  Linklaters. Whilst it is obvious this alliance exists when looking at the Allens logo, the obviously missing “Allens” piece from the Linklaters logo begs a few questions. Despite the apparent power imbalance in the relationship, don’t take anything away from this dynamo firm itself. It’s relationship with Linklaters is steady and true and if you’re ever curious about working in London, this is one of its main drawcards for attracting those cosmopolitan law graduates to the firm. Internal transfers are common and given the prestige of Linklaters in the global legal market, this isn’t a bad one to dip your toes into if you are looking to go overseas. 

Did we add that Allens seems to have an affinity towards lawyers that are particularly book smart and intellectually bright? We’ve heard that Allens loves a good university medallist and having good marks will do wonders for your application here. Be prepared to work hard though as long gruelling hours are not uncommon, and the associate pool structure means you could be jumping from matter to matter(s) in consistently busy periods. The firm is a strong all-rounder across its practice areas with Chamber Band 1 rankings across the board. However, it is their stellar litigation team that stands out as top of the market for us, and any budding barrister or aspiring member of the judiciary should seriously consider what Allens has to offer. Just take a look at the blockbuster action in the High Court with Westpac of recent times. 

With clients consisting of nearly three-quarters of the top 100 companies in Australia, don’t worry about getting stuck on mid-market work. With the pedigree of lawyers at Allens, challenging and complex work is bound to make it across your desk (and proceed to suck you into a vacuous black hole for several months to come). 

The pay at Allens is consistently average for the hours you are expected to work but not different to its main competitors, HSF and KWM. The reality is that if you hope to work for a firm with the prestige of Allens, you will be expected to accept their conditions . As with any other top tier firm, the formal training is invaluable and regular and there is plenty of support on the job. 

With international access, stellar clients and market leading deals, there is no doubt that you will be able to hone your trade learning from the roster of talented lawyers at this firm.

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