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Thomson Geer is a legal firm that sits comfortably in the mid-tier sector of the Australian legal market. Whilst they aren’t working on the flashy matters that you might see on the news, they have a solid reputation for doing a great job, especially in certain practice areas like M&A. Additionally, the market and clients typically seem to view the firm positively.

The culture at Thomson Geer is generally fairly open door and everyone is quite helpful. Litigation is known for being a bit tense at times but other than that, most partners are pretty easy to work with. Thomson Geer has access to a lot of high profile clients like Scomo and Dominic Perrottet, 7/11, TfNSW etc. The firm prides itself on delivering top-notch work to its clients and holds itself to a high standard of quality. 

The compensation is at around market rate for a firm of this nature but it does also offer various commonly seen perks such as gym membership, annual skin checks, and fresh fruit in kitchens. However, some floors may have too many people compared to the snacks available.

Training and support at Thomson Geer can be a bit hit and miss. Orientation and tech training is a bit old school and mundane as it is basically a seminar where they give you a sermon on the tech but there are useful sessions sometimes on more technical pieces of knowledge. Informal training is decent depending on who your mentor or supervisor is.

In terms of working hours, this will depend on the team. Typically, everyone will try to start around 8:30am and get out of the office before 7pm if possible. This is great as there is not really any culture of face time. If work piles up, you might need to stay until 9 or 10pm sometimes, but it’s rare and never until “Big 6” levels of overtime. Litigation is the only area that works weekends on a semi-regular basis.

Overall, Thomson Geer is a pretty solid legal firm that offers a friendly and supportive work environment. The firm is all about delivering high-quality work and providing employees excellent exposure to big clients and cases. The compensation is above average for a firm of their size, and if you’re looking for a firm with a more relaxed culture than the Big 6 that still values delivering great work, then Thomson Geer is definitely worth considering.

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