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BCG, also known as Boston Consulting Group was founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963 and is part of the prestigious MBB trio. Currently, it has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. Well known for Bruce’s pioneering of strategy consulting globally, BCG’s consultants are known as the “Brainies” for their sharp intellect and raw brainpower. This reflects the emphasis placed on intelligence and IQ by the firm when recruiting. Out of the MBB, BCG sits middle of the pack in terms of size and revenue, but this doesn’t mean too much when it is already in the company of an elite bunch.

As we mentioned, the culture at BCG is one that prioritises intellectualism and smarts. Introversion is probably the dominant personality here, and this naturally means that BCG’s social culture is a bit muted, compared to other firms. Because BCG prioritises grades, you will see people from all walks of life, and it isn’t uncommon to be amongst a group of STEM majors at the firm.  

As one of the leading strategy consulting firms in Australia, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that BCG is often engaged on high-level strategy projects with excellent clients (e.g. ASX 100). They often lead on megatrend topics such as renewables, technology and ESG, which for the futurist in you, may be an attractive proposition. BCG’s particular strength comes from its work with consumer-facing businesses as well as its work with the public sector and healthcare.

As a top-tier consulting firm, you will be paid top of the market, with perks to boot. Even without this financial incentive, working in the firm will set you up for plenty of desirable exit opportunities in industry. BCG offers outstanding training and of course, the on-the-job exposure to C-suite and complex issues in corporate Australia is invaluable.

Typically, expect to work 55-65 hour weeks, which by all measures is not too bad. Of course, the tough deadline is expected (think 12am-1am) nights, but later than that is rare and the exception, rather than the rule.

We don’t really need to sell BCG as a great firm as we know its reputation precedes its name or anything else we might say. Once you’re in, you’ll be constantly challenged by some of the smartest people and the most complex issues in corporate Australia. And that’s no bad thing. 

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