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Parental Leave Policies

Last update: 9 May 2022

Based on anecdotal community feedback.
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What's this about?
In a modern corporate world not (really) designed for parents, it has become more important than ever that workplaces are able to accomodate employees that have a desire to work as well as nurture kids.

Across AusCorp, not all parental leave policies are the same. Not only do some firms not have proper paid parental policies, but the range of entitlements are fairly wide. The purpose of this survey is to bring some transparency to these policies so that firms can strive towards having more accomodating and supportive policies for parents.

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Parental Leave Policies Breakdown
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FirmIndustryPaid leave?EligibilityPrimary carer leaveSecondary carer leaveInclude superannuation?Unpaid leavePart pay for double length?Post-leave supportPregnancy loss leaveOther details
A&OLawYes12 months18 weeks18 weeks-52 in accordance with NES, requests for additional 52 weeks considered.Yes-YesSuper paid in full during paid and unpaid leave, extra neonatal leave for premature/sick babies, extra paid leave for pregnancy medical appointments and fertility treatment.
Aboriginal Legal Service LawYes24 months4 weeks as negotiated No secondary carer paid leave--NoWould like to negotiate a new/renewed contract No-
Accenture ConsultingYesNo minimum18 weeks18 weeksYesUnlimited Yes-Yes-
AECOM EngineeringYes6 months12 weeks10 days, but can then become primary carerYes24 monthsYes10 paid days of keeping in touch days to get updated on work.Yes-
AFLLawYes6 months24 weeks6 weeksYes28 weeksYes-Yes-
AGLTechYes12 months20 weeks14 daysYes2 yearsYes-Yes-
AIA AustraliaInsuranceYes12 months13 weeks13 weeksYes104 weeksYesOption to return part time. Targets pro-rataYesBonus 4 weeks pay on return
AlcoaOtherYes12 months16 weeks2 weeksYesAs much as you want (at manager's discretion)Yes-Yes-
AllensLawYesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carersYes26 weeks with superannuation paid during this unpaid period. YesFour week break from billable targets on return to work if taken 3-6 months of parental leave. Eight week break if taken 6+ months of parental leave. Does not impact eligibility for incentives. YesOffers transition coaching with an external provider, including a three way session between parent, manager and coach. Can take leave at the same time as your partner.
ANZFinanceYesNo minimum12 weeks10 days-52 weeksYes-YesIncludes super, additional leave to attend pre-natal appointments
ArcadisEngineeringYesNo minimum14 weeks20 days-52 weeksYes-Yes-
Arnold Bloch Leibler LawYes12 months26 weeks10 daysYes2 years Yes-Not sureABL are about to approve a new policy which apparently includes leave for pregnancy loss (including partners of the person who suffers the loss) and IVF treatment
Arriba Group OtherYes12 months3 weeksNo secondary carer paid leaveNoN/ANo-No-
Asahi BeveragesOtherYes12 months12 weeks14 days-40 weeksYes-Yes-
AshurstLawYesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carersYes52 weeks YesA reduction in billables for at least 3 months and pro rata hours for bonus purposes to ensure you are not disadvantaged. This is totally up to you - you can choose to take it or not. Can work reduced hours.YesAvailable for foster, adoption, surrogacy. Also have paid leave for fertility services/support for all genders. Pregnancy loss leave for mother and partners for pre 20 weeks pregnancy. After 20 weeks - the full 26 is available. Access to parental leave coaching with an external coach and access to additional support through a program called Circle In. Also, 5 days paid leave for medical appointments. 5 days paid leave for employees undertaking fertility treatments. 10 paid ‘keeping in touch’ days when you are transitioning back into work at the end of parental leave.
ASICGovernmentYes12 months16 weeks6 weeksYes52 weeksYesEased back into project work, often employee led in terms of asking for more.YesThe new EA includes 26 weeks at full paid parental leave, in addition to more weeks for the partner. You can also reduce your hours in the 3 months prior to parental leave without it affecting your leave entitlements. Can also go part time for 2 years.
ASX LimitedLawYes12 months16 weeks4 weeks -2 yearsYes-YesIt's actually pretty great, they use to win awards back in the day but the secondary carers leave is now very far behind the leaders in the market
AtlassianTechYesNo minimum26 weeks22 weeks Yes12 weeksYesCoaching to balance work and new kids Yes-
AUSIEXFinanceYes12 months12 weeks12 weeks-52 weeksNo-Yes-
Australia PostOtherYes12 months14 weeks10 daysNoAdditional 12 monthsYesWorkload to match hours but really depends if manager is parent themselves (therefore understands being a parent)YesPublic holidays count towards leave
Aware SuperFinanceYesNo minimum20 weeks4 weeks and then can switch to primary carer and take 16 more weeks -Total paid and unpaid up to 24 monthsYes-YesMiscarriage, stillbirth or infant death (greater than 20 weeks gestation) eligible for 20 weeks paid special maternity leave immediately at the time of miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.
Bain & CompanyConsultingYesNo minimum16 weeks16 weeks-52 weeksYesWLB is good to smooth transition back and manage personal commitments in parallel Yes-
Baker McKenzieLawYesNot sure18 weeksNot sureNot sureNot sureYes-No-
BDOAccountingYes12 months18 weeks10 daysNo52 weeksYes-No-
BGISPropertyYes12 months12 weeks7 days-Open endedYes-No-
BHPOtherYes3 months18 weeks7 days-Total period of parental leave is 12 months - 24 months. All other leave to be used prior to unpaid leave.YesFlexible work arrangements to assist employees with work arrangements and parental responsibilities - graduated return to full-time or part-time work, work from home days, and flexible work hours to accomodate work and family commitments YesPolicy is the same for adoptions, surrogacy and long term guardianship. Alternative duties provided (mainly for FIFO employees). All entitlements continue to be accrued (annual leave, share scheme, super and long service leave).
Bird & BirdLawYes12 months16 weeks2 weeksYesTotal period of parental leave (paid and unpaid) is 12 monthsYes-YesClawback if you leave within 12 months.
Block (Square)TechYes6 months24 weeks16 weeksYesOpen endedNo-Yes-
Booking.comTechYesNot sure16 weeks10 daysYes1000 hoursNo-No-
Bristol Myers SquibbOtherYes12 months12 weeks10 days-52 weeksNo-No-
Brookfield PropertyYes12 months18 weeks14 daysNoUp to 2 years including paid componentYesTransition back to work from leave programYes, case by case-
Bupa InsuranceYes6 months12 weeksNo secondary carer paid leave-52 weeksYes-Yes-
CanvaTechYesNo minimum14 weeks14 weeks-52 weeksYesPart time hours with full time pay for 1 monthYes-
CBREPropertyYes12 months12 weeks4 weeksYes52 weeksYes-5 days top-up payPolicy is secondary leave OR primary leave (cannot do both)
CGIConsultingYes6 months16 weeks10 daysNot sureNot sureYes-Yes-
ChallengerLawYes12 months14 weeks14 weeksYesTotal period of parental leave (paid and unpaid) is 24 monthsYes-Yes14 weeks paid leave for still birth (loss after 20 weeks gestation)
Chamberlains Law FirmLawNo12 monthsNoneNo secondary carer paid leaveNo52 weeksNo-No-
Charter Keck CramerPropertyYes12 months12 weeks10 daysNot sureNot sure Not sure-YesApplication is very vague with no clarity and support. Almost as if it is done ad-hoc
Chevron EnergyYes12 months12 weeks7 daysNo52 weeksYes-NoSecondary carer can’t take more than 8 weeks off concurrently
CiscoTechYes12 months12 weeks4 weeksYes2 yearsYes-Yes-
CitiFinanceYes12 months16 weeks7 daysNo52 weeksNo-Yes-
CivicaTechYes12 months12 weeks5 days top-up payYes52 weeksNot sure-No-
Clayton UtzLawYesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeksNot sure-YesBetween 2 and 6 weeks 100% relief from billable target depending on how long off. 0 relief if less than 3 months offYes-
Clifford ChanceLawYesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeksYes26 weeksYes-Yes5 days paid leave per year for fertility treatment for either parent
Clyde & CoLawYes12 months16 weeksUnsure-NES StandardYes-Not sure-
Colin Biggers & Paisley LawyersLawYes12 months16 weeks3 weeks-52 weeksYes-Yes-
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaFinanceYes12 months13 weeks4 weeks initially plus an additional 9 weeks if secondary cater becomes primary carer within 12 monthsYes52 weeksYesFlexible return hours, $1.5k return to work bonus, on site day care where the annual ~$45k fees are salary sacrifiedYesFathers can take up to 3 months as well, provided the partner goes back to work within 12 months of birth. Still birth permitted same 12 weeks leave.
Corrs Chambers WestgarthLawYesNo minimum if permanent staff but otherwise 12 months26 weeks26 weeks, no distinction between primary and secondary carers. YesTotal leave of 52 weeks (so 6 months unpaid). Or, if extended, no more than 24 months total.YesReduced target, flexible work arrangements, 1 month fee relief for billable budgetYesCan be taken in two continuous periods. Up to 30 days can be flexible (e.g. 1 day per week), after the continuous period. 5 days paid leave for fertility treatment. Can take parental leave within 24 months or child’s birth. Can take leave at the same time as your partner.
Datadog IncTechYesNo minimum16 weeks12 weeks YesDepends on location (Australia up to 12 months off for 8 months unpaid for women) YesLots of support offered on returningYesWe have an unlimited leave policy (PTO)
DeloitteBig 4YesNo minimum18 weeks18 weeks (don't distinguish between primary or secondary carer)Yes52 weeks (some have said 2 years)Yes12 month relief from KPIs after returning.YesFor a period of 12 months post-parental leave, you can return to work 4 days/week and be paid for 5, or 3 days/week and paid for 4 days. Parental leave can be taken at anytime within 52 weeks of birth and can be taken on a pro rata basis. There’s also 5 days of fertility leave each year and 10 day miscarriage leave.
DentonsLawYes12 months20 weeks20 weeksYes52 weeksYes-Yes-
Department of DefenceGovernmentYes12 months14 weeks20 days-38 weeksYes-YesFull maternity/parental leave available if miscarriage is within 20 weeks of expected due date.
Department of Jobs, Precincts and RegionsGovernmentYes3 months16 weeks3 monthsNot sure52 weeksYes-Not sureIf you pass probation, everyone qualifies for 16 weeks. No concept of the longer you work, the more leave you get.
Department of transport GovernmentYes12 months18 weeks10 daysNot sure24 monthsYes-Yes-
Department of Treasury and Finance GovernmentYes3 months16 weeks4 weeks if employed for 3 months at least; an additional 12 weeks (if taking over primary responsibility for the care of the child within first 78 weeks)Not sure36 weeksYes-Not sure-
DexusPropertyYesNo minimum16 weeks4 weeksYesNot sureNot sure-Not sure-
DLA PiperLawYesNo minimum18 weeks10 daysYes18 weeksYes-NoFertility leave policy up to 5 days per calendar year
EclipxFinanceYesNo minimum16 weeks4 weeksYesUp to 2 years including paid componentYesNoYes-
EcolabAccountingYesNot sure16 weeks4 weeksNot sureEmployer's discretion Not sure-Yes-
EQT PartnersFinanceYesNone26 weeks6 weeks if your partner is at home. If your partner is working you can take 26 weeksYes-No-Yes-
Estee LauderRetailYes12 months14 weeks10 daysNo104 weeksNo-Not sure-
EucalyptusTechYes12 months20 weeks8 weeksYesTotal period of parental leave (paid and unpaid) is 24 monthsYes-Yes3 weeks of paid Compassionate/Bereavement leave for miscarriage within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 20 weeks of paid leave for a pregnant employee who has a pregnancy-related illness or whose pregnancy ends after 12 weeks because of a miscarriage, termination or stillbirth.
ExxonmobilEnergyYesNot sure17 weeks15 days-UnsureNot sure-Not sure-
EYBig 4YesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeks-2 yearsYesBillable targets reduced by percentage of time taken off. Parental leave can be taken half pay or part-time. I.e. as secondary parent you can take two days a week parental leave over a year and work the other three days still receiving full-time pay. Also return to work support in 5 days paid to RE engage - attend team meetings or events etc and career coaching Yes-
Finder TechYesNo minimum20 weeks20 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers.Yes-Yes-YesThe 20 weeks can be taken flexibly, within the first 2 years of the new baby’s life. A month here and there around visiting family overseas etc is common
Flight Centre Travel GroupTechYes12 months6 weeks at Centrelink $$ onlyNo secondary carer paid leaveNo52 weeksNoYes
Fortescue metals OtherYes12 months16 weeks10 daysYes6 months YesYesHave to be primary carer to access the 16 weeks and must be taken within first 12 months of baby being born
Gilbert + TobinLawYesEligible for paid leave immediately for 8 weeks paid leave. The remaining 18 weeks after passing probation (6 mths)26 weeks26 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers. Yes52 weeksYesReduced billable budget YesPaid leave for IVF treatments, 10 days leave for pregnancy loss before 20 weeks (you, or your partner). Loss after 20 weeks receives the parental leave benefits (26 weeks paid). 26 weeks adoption leave. Also applies to same sex couples. Both parents can be on paid leave at the same time. Super paid on both paid and unpaid leave. Can take paid leave in 2 tranches. Can perform up to 10 days of work per annum while on PL as ‘keeping in touch days’ - paid at normal rate.
Goldman Sachs FinanceYes2 years26 weeks26 weeksNot sure3 yearsYes-No-
GoogleTechYesNo minimum24 weeks18 weeks-52 weeksNot sureRamp back period of 4 weeksYes-
Grant ThorntonAccountingYes12 months26 weeks2 weeksYes52 weeksYesOften mothers come back on a part time basis. YesMiscarriage - 1 week off, still birth - 1 month off
Gresham FinanceYes12 months16 weeks7 daysYes52 weeksNo-No-
Hall & WilcoxLawYesNo minimumLess than 1 year of service - 18 weeks, 1-2 years service - 20 weeks, 2-3 years service - 22 weeks, 3-4 years service - 24 weeks, 4+ years service - 26 weeks8 weeks anytime in first 3 months of birth and additional 3 months within first two years if you switch to primary caregiverYes2 yearsNo-Yes5 days per annum fertility treatment leave, 2 weeks paid leave for pregnancy loss before 20 weeks, full entitlements (as above) for loss after 20 weeks
Hamilton LockeLawYes12 months18 weeks if been with firm for 12 months, 20 weeks if 2 years10 daysYes52 weeksYesCustomised depending on person, role and contextYesHave up to 10 keeping in touch days while on leave, which allows people to attend/be paid for strategy days, team catch ups or retreats etc, while on leave, which is in addition to parental leave.
Herbert Smith FreehillsLawYes6 months26 weeks26 weeks. No distinction between primary or secondary carers.Yes18 monthsYes6 month transition period - personalized for each individual. Support in re-establishing client relationships, change in workload / working days, reduction in the expectation of chargeable hours, access to the ‘While you were away’ initiative. YesLeave for fertility treatment and surrogacy.
HFWLawYes12 months12 weeks7 daysNo2 weeksNo-Not sure-
Hicksons LawyersLawYes12 months12 weeks7 daysNot sure52 weeksYes-Not sure-
HWL Ebsworth LawyersLawYes6 months26 weeks 26 weeks Yes52 weeks up to 24 months by negotiationYesReduced budget on return for 2 months, 1st month 50% reduction, 2nd month 25% reductionYesRepayment of non AGPPLS entitlements if employee leaves during PPL or within 18 months of return (and they will enforce)
IBMTechYesNot sure20 weeks3 monthsNo2 yearsYes-Not sure-
IFM InvestorsFinanceYes12 months for full entitlements, less than 12 months and you get paid for 13 weeks (or half pay for 26)18 weeks18 weeksYesTotal parental leave (paid and unpaid) of 52 weeksYes-Yes18 weeks paid leave if you have worked over 12 months with the company. If you are a new employee, only 13 weeks paid leave. All other leave balances continue to accrue whilst on paid parental leave.
Insignia (IOOF)FinanceYes12 months12 weeks7 days-DiscretionaryNot sure-Not sure-
IxomOtherYes12 months12 weeks--24 weeksYes-Yes-
J&JOtherYes12 months14 weeks10 daysNot sure52 weeksYes-Yes-
JLLPropertyYes12 months26 weeks12 weeksYes52 weeksNot sure-YesOur industry is male dominated, by providing more leave for men it helps reduce the ‘experience/pay gap’ and also helps build empathy amongst male leaders of the responsibilities of child care and manager employees who have children.
Judo BankFinanceYes6 months16 weeks fully paid for first child, 18 for second and 20 for third or more (to be taken in the first year of the child being born or adopted)8 weeks for first child, 9 for second and 10 for third (to be taken in the first year of the child being born or adopted)No2 yearsN/AUpon the end of the parental leave, a team member is entitled to return to their pre-parental leave position. If for a reason this position no longer exists, the team member will be given a position near in status and pay to the pre-parental leave position.discretionary additional sick leave up to 8 weeks (provided as a combination of paid and unpaid leave depending on circumstances)-
K&L GatesLawYesNo minimum26 weeks6 weeksYes26 weeksYesTargets are reduced before leave and on return to work YesSuper paid for up to 12 months of leave (even after paid entitlements end)
KearneyConsultingYesNo minimum18 weeks10 daysYes52 weeksYesConsultants returning to work after primary carer parental leave have the option of returning to work in a family-friendly role (e.g. meaningful role with little or no travel) for up to six months, with potential extension for six months (if market situation allows). Consultants also have the option to start working part-time and gradually ramp up to a regular working schedule during the first six months after their return.YesSuper contributions and bonus eligibility/performance are not affected by taking the leave.
King & Wood MallesonsLawYesNo minimum26 weeksCan take 6 months of parental leave for either parent within first 24 months of child being bornYesUp to 2 years including paid componentYesWorking parents program, emergency childcare, flexible work arrangements, and people can take 26 weeks of paid parental leave again immediately (no qualification period and no requirement to repay). YesThe full 26 weeks paid leave is available for pregnancy loss post 20 weeks gestation. 2 weeks of paid leave plus an extra 5 days to attend medical appointments for loss before 20 weeks gestation. There is also paid fertility leave and super paid for up to 12 months of absence. If both parents work at KWM, both get the full benefit. The firm will continue to pay super contributions and you continue to accrue annual and sick leave during any paid leave. You also continue to get pay rises during any paid leave period (i.e., if you take leave over EOFY).
KKI LawyersLawNoNot applicable -No secondary carer paid leaveNo52 weeksNo-Not sure-
KordaMenthaAccountingYesNot sure16 weeks10 daysNot sureUnsureYes-Yes-
KPMGBig 4YesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carersYesUp to 2 years from birth of childNoFull flexibility to work part-time, wfh, spread hours over more daysYesMust prove you are primary carer if you take primary carer leave.
Lander & RogersLawYesNo minimum / 1 year20 weeks for <1 year, 26 weeks for 1+ yearNot sureYesNot sureYesBudget relief for 3 months on return but subject to discussionNo-
Legal AidLawYes12 months14 weeks10 daysYes52 weeksYesNo billables at legal aid but plenty of support, flexibility and understanding is offered. Not sure if this is everywhere or just my manager. She is amazing. YesAdoption leave is included
LeidosTechYes6 months12 weeks10 daysYesManager discretion YesTransition program including mentoringYes-
LendleasePropertyYesNo minimum16 weeks20 daysYes4 weeksYes-No-
LHD LawyersLawYes12 months8 weeks 10 days-52 weeksYesVaries dependent on roleYes-
LionRetailYesNo minimum13 weeks13 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary-Managers discretionYes-Yes-
MA Financial Group (Moelis)FinanceYes12 months16 weeks10 days--Not sure-No-
Macpherson Kelley LawYes12 months8 weeks after 2 years employment. 10 weeks after 3 years. 12 weeks after 5 years continuous employment. 2 weeks after 2 years employment -Negotiate with managerNo-No-
MacquarieFinanceYesNo minimum20 weeks6 weeksYes52 weeksYes12 transition days upon returnYes-
MaddocksLawYesNo minimum20 weeks20 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers.YesUp to 2 yearsYesYes, either a 3 month or 6 month reduction in billable targets - length of time depends on length of time on parental leave.YesFrom 1 July 2022 superannuation will be paid on the unpaid component of parental leave up to 12 months.
Makinson d'Apice LawyersLawYes24 months14 weeks14 daysNot sure52 weeksNot sureFlexible work options subject to operational requirementsNoPaid leave entitlement is indexed to years of service with the firm, starting with 8 weeks for 2 years' service up to a maximum of 14 weeks for 5+ years' service. Paid leave entitlements are paid in 2 lump sum instalments: 50% up front and 50% 3 months after returning to work. Employee must pay back leave entitlements if they leave the firm within 12 months of completing their leave
MarshInsuranceYes3 months12 weeks12 weeks-52 weeksYes-Not sure-
Marsh McLennanInsuranceYes12 months12 weeks12 weeksYes52 weeksYes-Yes12 months leave for stillbirth (which is included in the NES anyway)
MazarsAccountingYes12 months8 weeks10 daysNo52 weeksNot sure-Yes-
McCabes LawYes12 months12 weeks for 1-2 years of service, 14 weeks for 2-5 years, 16 weeks for 5 years+ - 80% of your salary paid during leave period, 20% on first pay run after returning from leave 2 weeksNo12 months Yes-No-
McCullough Robertson LawYes24 months which can be served before or after the leave18 weeks10 days-Theoretically unlimited - it’s by negotiation with your supervisorYesUnsure of the specific budget relief Not sure-
McGrathNicolAccountingYes12 months18 weeks10 days-34 weeks (primary) and 6 weeks (secondary carer)Yes-No-
MercerFinanceYesNo minimum12 weeks12 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers.Yes52 weeksNot sure-YesTaken in two segments of any amount, but two segments max only
Metro South Health (Queensland Health)LawYes12 months14 weeks10 days-Up to 2 yearsYesQueensland Health legal does not have billables (yay in house!) and the return to work is amazing - you say when you want to come back, how many days you want to come back, can have genuine part time arrangements until your youngest kid is school aged. YesNo clawback period! And if you get pregnant while on maternity leave (and I know people who have done this) you can go into a second paid parental leave without returning to work.
Mills OakleyLawYes12 monthsDepends on year of service. If 1-3 years, then it's 10 weeks. Otherwise, 12 weeks10 days-52 weeksYes0% budget in the first month, and I think 50% in second month and 100% budget in the third month. But depending on your team, your workload is at a full time employee's even if you work part time NoThey will recover 1/3 of the parental leave payment (pre tax amount) if you don't return to the firm or return and leave within 6 months of returning. There is no flexibility in the policy. The longer you are there the more leave you get. And you must work for 12 months before you can use it again.
Minter EllisonLawYesNo minimum20 weeks4 weeksYes52 weeksYesReduced based on FTE, 4 weeks grace periodYesThere is 2 days of pre-adoption leave, paid parental leave must be taken within 24 months of the birth or placement of your child;
MIPSInsuranceNo12 monthsNo paid leaveNo secondary carer paid leaveNo52 weeksNo-Yes-
MK LawLawYes24 months8 weeks7 daysYesUnlimited Not sure-No-
Morgan StanleyFinanceYes6 months26 weeks16 weeks-26 weeksNo-Yes-
MUFGFinanceYes12 months12 weeks14 daysNo52 weeksNot sure-YesMales cannot be considered Primary Carers under policy
MYOBTechYes6 months14 weeks10 days-52 weeksNo-Not sure-
NABFinanceYes12 months12 weeks10 days-78 weeks. Super paid up until 40 unpaid weeks, after that its just up to you and your boss.Yes-YesSecondary carers are allowed to take 10 weeks paid parental leave, but only after the primary carer has returned to work.
nbnGovernmentYes12 months18 weeks10 daysYes52 weeks, with option to extend to 104 weeksYesEntitled to return to work 4 days/week on return to work, without loss of full time pay. Targets adjusted to account for this. YesFor 6 months upon returning, primary carer can return 4 days per week but be paid for 5. Available to whoever is the primary carer - but you can elect to be the primary carer at any time in the first 12 months after birth. As a dad, your partner can take her entitlement and then when she returns to work, you can take it.
NewcrestOtherYes12 months18 weeks10 daysYes52 weeksYes-NoFor 6 months after returning, we're paid an additional week per month (I.e., paid for 5 weeks a month for 6 months), plus a $1500 services allowance for things like career coaching, massages, food delivery, cleaning etc.
NielsenOtherYes12 months16 weeks10 daysYesNegotiableYesNegotiable with HR and ManagerYes-
Norton Rose FulbrightLawYes12 months18 weeks4 weeksYes12 weeks - 24 weeks (discretionary)Yes-YesLeave for miscarriage is discretionary but you get 8 weeks of special leave
OptusOtherYes12 months14 weeks4 weeksYesThe remainder of 12 months after using paid leave. can take an additional 12 months after the first 12 however this is a different type of leave and not automatically approved.Yes-YesSuper is paid on unpaid leave in the first 12 months in addition to super being paid on the paid leave. it's therefore financial beneficial to take leave at full pay rather than half pay to maximise the super paid out during unpaid leave.
PayappsTechYes12 months12 weeks15 weeksYes52 weeks (can apply to extend further 52 weeks)Not sure-Yes10 weeks are paid while on leave, remaining two are paid upon return to work
PayPal AustraliaTechYes12 months24 weeks2 weeks-52 weeksNot sureBeing on top of things and making sure others know what needs covering before going on leave. Get back on top of things quicklyNot sure-
Perpetual FinanceYes6 months12 weeks4 weeks -52 weeksYesYes-
PEXATechYesEligible for leave upon passing probation however is prorated prior to 12 months service 26 weeks18 weeksYesAnother 26 weeks. Super is paid on unpaid leave YesFlexible working is the normYesChildcare rebate of $1,000 per child per month
Piper AldermanLawYes12 months26 weeks6 weeks-52 weeks (option for further 12 months)Yes100% budget relief for first 3 months of return, 25% budget relief for following 3 monthsYesLeave is tiered, 1-2 years get 8 weeks, 2-3 years get 16 weeks, 3+ years get full 26 weeks. If less than 2 years of service, have to repay 4 weeks of leave if employee leaves within 12 months. Subsequent paid parental leave available after minimum 12 months of return to work. Superannuation paid on all paid and unpaid leave.
Pitcher PartnersFinanceYes6 months14 weeks4 weeks Not sure38 weeksYes-Yes-
PwCBig 4YesNo minimum26 weeks26 weeksYes24 monthsYesDepends on your boss YesParental leave can be take up until child is 2 years
QantasOtherYes12 months12 weeks7 days-52 weeksYes-No-
QBEInsuranceYes12 months12 weeks12 weeksYes52 weeksYes-Yes-
QICInsuranceYesNo minimum26 weeks-YesUp to 2 years in total (including paid leave)Yes--If you have received QIC parental leave pay as a non-primary carer, you are eligible to receive further QIC parental leave pay as the primary carer, should you assume primary carer responsibilities. 10 days of keeping in touch with team are paid.
QualitasPropertyYesNo minimum14 weeks10 daysYes52 weeksNot sure-No3 months paid leave if you’ve been employed for less than 1 year. Goes up to 3.5 months after you have been employed for over a year.
RabobankFinanceYes12 months14 weeksNo secondary carer paid leaveYesUp to two years No-Yes-
RACQFinanceYes12 months12 weeks10 daysYesNot sure Not sure-Not sure-
Ramsden LawyersLawNo6 monthsNoneNo secondary carer paid leaveNo6 monthsNo-No-
RedbubbleTechYes12 months12 weeks20 weeks-52 weeksYes-Not sureIf the primary carer returns to work >= 3 days/week before Bub is 12 months old, then the secondary carer can convert to primary carer and access the primary carer allowance (less any secondary carer leave used). I did this for both my kids which was really nice. I'd used the 4 weeks secondary carers leave when they were born. Then 6 months later, my partner returned to work and so I took the 8 remaining weeks as 16 weeks at half pay.
Rio Tinto OtherYes6 months18 weeks18 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers. YesUp to 2 years in total (including paid leave)Yes-Not sureYou super is paid for a year while on parental leave (ie during your 18 weeks paid leave plus 34 weeks unpaid).
RPS GroupConsultingYes12 months14 weeks10 daysYes14 weeksYesReturn to work on reduced hours Yes-
SercoOtherNoNot sureNoneNo secondary carer paid leaveNot sureNo ideaNot sure-No-
Shaw and Partners Corp FinanceFinanceNo12 months18 weeksNo secondary carer paid leaveNo2 weeksNot sure-No-
Simon-Kutcher & PartnersConsultingYesNot sure16 weeks2 weeksYesAs much as you want Yes-Yes-
Sky DiscoveryConsultingNo12 monthsNoneNoneNo52, with option to extend to a further 52. Limitations on partner leave permitted if both of them work for the company.NoWhile there is nothing stated, I know the firm will be flexible around itYes-
Source LegalLawNoNo paid leave NoneNo secondary carer paid leaveNoThe statutory minimum No-No-
South32OtherYesNot sure26 weeks4 weeksYesAnecdotally, someone chose to return at 80% capacity for 100% pay for four weeks. Yes-Yes
StocklandPropertyYesNo minimum20 weeks20 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers.Yes24 months minus the 20 paid weeksYes-No-
Suncorp GroupOtherYesPast probation (3 or 6 months depending on role)20 weeks4 weeksYes52 weeksNot sure-Yes-
Telstra OtherYes12 months16 weeks16 weeksYes52 weeksYesFlexible working conditions YesCan be taken flexibly i.e. if you are secondary carer you can take 16 weeks in any way: in blocks, in 1 go, or 1 day a week for a year, etc.
TGIOtherYes12 months12 weeks10 daysNo52 weeksYes-NoNo separate policy for miscarriage.
ThalesEngineeringYes12 months14 weeks5 weeks-52 weeksYes-Not sureNot allowed to take primary carers leave until other partner has returned to work (but she just had to return 2 days per week). All paid leave must be taken in the 1st year of the child’s life. So basically if the mother doesn’t return to work in the 1st year/doesn’t work you can’t take it.
The Smith FamilyOtherYes12 months8 weeks-No104 weeksYesOption to apply for part time--
Thomson GeerLawYes24 months26 weeks10 daysNot sure12 months (but can request additional 12 months) Not sure-Not sureThe pay for the last 6 weeks of the 26 weeks is paid as a 'return to work payment' and is only paid if the employee returns to work within 12 months of leave commencing. Also, if the employee leaves the firm before completing 12 months of service they have to repay 100% of the payments.
Toll GroupOtherYes12 months12 weeks2 weeksYesFair work minimumsNot sure-Not sure-
Transport for NSWGovernmentYes3 months14 weeks10 daysYes52 weeksYes-Yes-
TSAPropertyYes12 months12 weeks10 daysYes52 weeks primary carers, 8 weeks for secondaryNoMost people come back part time to ease their way back into full time workYes-
Turner Freeman LawYes3 years1 week for every year of employ up to 9 weeksNo secondary carer paid leave-52 weeksYes-YesPregnancy loss only applies if SA or higher
TyroFinanceYes9 months14 weeks14 weeksNot sure2 yearsYes-YesSecondary parental leave is amazing
UberTechYesNo minimum18 weeks18 weeks -2 yearsYes-Yes-
UnileverOtherYesIf within 6 months (probation) only eligible for 8 weeks paid leave.16 weeks16 weeks. No distinction between primary and secondary carers.-2 yearsYesFlexible hours/days, job shares, hybrid work all availableYesSuperannuation paid in full for up to 12 months parental leave
University of SydneyGovernmentYes12 months48 weeks6 weeksYes4 yearsYesOn request Yes-
VisyEngineeringYes12 months12 weeksNo secondary carer paid leave-52 weeks and can extend to 2 yearsYes-No-
VocusTechYes12 months12 weeks10 days-52 weeksNot sure-Not sure-
WestpacFinanceYesNo minimum 16 weeks4 weeks Yes24 months (primary) 8 weeks (secondary) Yes-YesSuper continues to be paid whilst on unpaid parental leave. Leave is available from pregnancy loss from 24 weeks gestation
WiseTechTechYes12 months16 weeks2 daysYes52 weeksNot sure-Not sure-
Woolworths GroupOtherYes6 months12 weeks10 daysYes24 monthsYesOpen to working flexibly and change in work hoursYesSuper is still paid during the unpaid parental leave period. Also $100 Giftcard as a gift from Woolies.
Wotton + KearneyLawYes12 months10 weeks for 1 year of service, 12 weeks for 2 years of service, 14 weeks for 3 years or more of service2 weeksNo52 weeks total parental leaveYes-YesThe additional eligibility condition applied at WK of 12 months of service before the due date of the child is unusual and exclusionary. Additionally, employees must serve 12 months between each instance of parental leave (so no getting pregnant while on mat leave and coming back to work for a cheeky 6 month stint). Finally, there's a clawback on paid parental leave entitlements. If an employee leaves within 12 months of returning to work after accessing parental leave they have to pay back all leave paid.
WSP AustraliaEngineeringYes6 months12 weeks15 daysYes2 yearsYes-YesTwo days extra leave for pregnancy loss
Youi Pty LtdInsuranceYes12 months12 weeks10 days-52 weeksYes-Yes-
ZipFinanceYesNo minimum16 weeks4 weeksNo-No-Yes-
AureconEngineeringYesNot sure22 weeks22 weeksYesNot sureNot sureNot sureNot sure-
Ultimate Kronos GroupTechYes6 months18 weeksNot sureYes----Company also offers additional benefits for surrogacy and adoption costs.
TyroTechYes9 months16 weeks12 weeksNot sure-----
DiageoRetailYesNot sure6 months 6 months Yes-Yes---
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